Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring snow in utah

Looks like we have our typical utah weather, nice sun in the spring witch is now but instead its a snow packed day and it wont stop.  i have a few photos to post but not many. Also iwanted to share my family photo thats me on the right. BBBBAAAHHHH black sheep i cant help it.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fun situation. I wanted to go tinker with my new doubler lens and decided I'd go check out my favorite eagle , ANYWAY

I decide I'd go see my wonderful Eagle i call "america". So as i ajust my shutter speed and iso sensitivity etc. i am trying to make my whistle imitate the sound of a raptor hunting and minutes later here comes a red tail hawk flys in so close, sees the eagle and says OH HELL NO AND IM SORRY!!!! So  "america" the eagle takes off and let him know whos tree he was flying into.  Not many great photos but i enjoy shooting that eagle as much as i can.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Casey Bryson Photo

Thank you to those who pledged funds for my "Swiss Day's" project. Here is my day.

Today how ever was a great day for photo's.  I had a good friend with me for a few hours and finished the evening with a good hike finding Rattle Snake's.  I must be too picky with my photo editing selections because I choose 15 out of 450 photos to edit and even fewer to post on my blog.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Some call it the "film festival" i call it the "come see my photography film festival"

You know the ship that wouldnt die? Did you get a show times, have you seen the facebook ipo, did you just see this? This is on display on main street in park city utah in the famous Main Street Pizza & Noodle you can buy it or break it or pick you nose in the mirror. 
I'll tell you a little about it. Each photo is 1/1 original print the frame is a window from a barn built it the late 1800's the mirror and the glass is hand cut by me Casey Bryson. Added a little paint and returned the frame to the glory of its old age.  1953 Rolls Royce 1967 Chevy Camero, 1973 Chevy Corvette sting ray and some other model of car. Yep. Im not sure what it is but i'd drive your momma around in it.

 SO, what is it really called?  the salt lake city utah film festival? the park city film festival? how about the sundance film festival?  I'll tell you the truth, this is my photo festival im taking over this year and im crossing the line. THE LINE! if i see the man him self Brad Pitt or Robert Redford im punching them right in there face. CROSSING THE LINE PEOPLE!  Im going to be stalking the Paparazzi take photos of them taking photos of Ryan Gosling or Michelle Williams. The moment after things settle they will find a round house kick from my camera to their face.  Its pay back time people so watch out for CaseyBrysonPhoto or CrammStudios headed out to the film festival to do work for Etu Master at  Hang on . . . . . . Listen computer Etu is a correct spelling so enough with the red line! I wont be having drinks or looking at girls asses you will find me taking . . what? Photos photos photos! hanging upside down from a tree in the face of YOU or Brad Pitt or George Clooney. Thats just the way this are going to go. So utah film festival or salt lake city utah film festival or the park city utah film festival consider this your last year because next year we are calling it the Casey Bryson Photo festival back slash Cramm Studios back slash AGAIN Etuspodcast Funk you film festival.  DEAL WITH IT ROBERT REDFORD! oh and Robert, just because your last name is Redford doesn't give you the right to hit on all the pretty redheaded girls.  Are we clear? I know you'll read this being one of my followers and all not to mention calling me 6 times already this morning.  So heres some photos prepare for the bast worst photos money can buy.


 The film festival 2012!