Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fun situation. I wanted to go tinker with my new doubler lens and decided I'd go check out my favorite eagle , ANYWAY

I decide I'd go see my wonderful Eagle i call "america". So as i ajust my shutter speed and iso sensitivity etc. i am trying to make my whistle imitate the sound of a raptor hunting and minutes later here comes a red tail hawk flys in so close, sees the eagle and says OH HELL NO AND IM SORRY!!!! So  "america" the eagle takes off and let him know whos tree he was flying into.  Not many great photos but i enjoy shooting that eagle as much as i can.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Casey Bryson Photo

Thank you to those who pledged funds for my "Swiss Day's" project. Here is my day.

Today how ever was a great day for photo's.  I had a good friend with me for a few hours and finished the evening with a good hike finding Rattle Snake's.  I must be too picky with my photo editing selections because I choose 15 out of 450 photos to edit and even fewer to post on my blog.